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MUC Light Group Invitation Listener

Smack Version: 4.3.4

Issue: When I was added to MUCLight group I am receiving below stanza but there is no way to handle from the code ( No listeners triggered).

<message from='73f6027f-7b2b-4ea7-b90a-a7fb2a1cf88d@muclight.xxx' to='d61e6b06-db37-4d1f-818b-bdc3f0ea3600@xxx' id='Ssm1e-313' type='groupchat'><x xmlns='urn:xmpp:muclight:0#affiliations'><version>1566-23375-778524</version><user affiliation='member'>d61e6b06-db37-4d1f-818b-bdc3f0ea3600@xxx</user></x><body/><stanza-id by='d61e6b06-db37-4d1f-818b-bdc3f0ea3600@xxx' id='B42A7C2VHA01' xmlns='urn:xmpp:sid:0'/></message><r xmlns='urn:xmpp:sm:3'/>

I have added a message listener for each muc light group after successful authentication. Message listener was working perfectly fine for all those groups.

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