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MUC messages appearing in multiple rooms

It appears that packet collector for multi user chat will grab messages for rooms that don’‘t belong to it. Here is what I’'m seeing. I have 2 rooms created. The first is named “mlstestroom” and the second is “testroom”. If a message is sent from testroom it only shows up in testroom. However, if a message is sent from mlstestroom it shows up in both rooms. The problem seems to be that the string “testroom” is also part of the room name “mlstestroom”. I tracked this down to the FromContainsFilter class which, as the name implies, check to see if the packets from value contains the stored from string. It seems that this is the correct behavior for the FromContainsFilter but the overall result is incorrect. Maybe there should be a IsFromFilter which performs a more thorough test to make sure the packet is going to the correct room.


Hey Jason,

Thanks for pointing this out. The issue for this bug was SMACK-71. You can use the next nightly build that includes a fix for this problem.


– Gato