MUC Nickname Conflict

If I am connected to a room from one resource, with a certain nickname, and then I try to connect from another resource with the same nickname, I get a 409 conflict. The bare JID is the same, and according to XEP-0045 7.1.10:

"However, if the bare JID (<localpart@domain.tld>) of the present

occupant matches the bare JID of the user seeking to enter the room,

then the service SHOULD allow entry to the user, so that the user has

two (or more) in-room “sessions” with the same roomnick, one for each

resource. If a service allows more than one occupant with the same bare

JID and the same room nickname, it SHOULD route in-room messages to all

of the user’s resources and allow all of the user’s resources to send

messages to the room;"

Is there a setting for this somewhere? Or has this just not been implemented yet?


There is an upcoming change in openfire to kick the first user out when the same bare JID tries to enter a second time with the same nick.


Interesting. Why dont they want to follow the XEP? And what will happen if same bare JID will enter with different nickname? Assuming it won’t kick previous connection.

Hmm… I have to say that wasn’t the answer I was hoping for. Perhaps down the line, a better solution can be implemented.

Thanks for the clarification, though…