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MUC: NickName - Username matching

Im having a little trouble using the Multi User Chat. Is there anyway to match a certain nickname to a jabber-username?

let me explain in a little example:

I create a MUC-Room named Room10.

then i send invites to Alice@jabber.org and Bob@jabber.org.

But those 2 are some crazy guys and decide to join my Room10 with crazy nicknames because the can choose the nicknames themselves.

so Alice@jabber.org joins the room with the nickname bob and Bob@jabber.org joins the room as alice.

is there any way to tell now who is who?

Of course i could only send one invite at a time and wait for a response but i dont want to do that because it would be annoying if you invite 5 ppl and always have to wait until each on answered the invitation and those who already joined have to wait until everybody is here.

Got the same issue, we need to be able to validate who is who and either use their username or show their given nickname.

You have to either be owner, or have the permissions to see the real JID of any user in a MUC. JIDs are hidden by default to prevent spam and the like.


ok. so if i created the room i should be owner. right?

so how do i find out about the the real JID with the smack API?