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MUC not stored in the mysql database

I’m able to successfully create a room and invite people to it. The invitations are sent properly as tested on the Pandion client. The problem is the ofMucRoom and ofMucMember tables have no row for the newly created room. When I create the room using the admin console a new row gets created in the database. But when I try to do the same using my iOS app no such record exists. And a big problem that my room is set to persistent but the rooms get dissapeared from the admin console as soon as I restart my server. I read somewhere here to set a property value for the muc in server->system properties but that dosen’t seems to work. I know that these persistent rooms are temporary and stored in the cache for fast retrieval. But what option to set that my room also gets stored in the database? I have googled alot any found nothing out of it…

Same issue here, but with a webchat. Rooms are not being stored in the database! Wish someone could help.