MUC Presence Stanza

When creating a chatroom, I add an id to the presence stanza, formed of a constant string part plus an integer representing the sequence number of the message.

The process is the following:

  • Create the room:

Send the normal create room stanza:

  • Join the room:

Sending the same stanza as above but with a different id attribute:

presence to="" id=“MUC-63da4686dfb57abe-4” xmlns=“jabber:client”>

When I ran this, I get a normal response to the first message but the second presence response comes with the id of the first one.

So the response to both the above presence messages is:

Available presence -

<item jid="" affiliation="owner" role="moderator" />

I was expecting the second response to have an id ending with “-4” instead of “-3”.

If I use openfire 3.9.3 this is not an issue, only when I moved to 4.0.2. Are the stanza’s ids managed differently in the new version?