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MUC Private Conversation Logging Contribution

I don’t know exactly where I should make my code contribution so I figured here would be fine and you guys can put it wherever it needs to go…


  • GroupConversationInterceptor.java

  • ClearspaceMUCTranscriptManager.java

  • MUCEventDispatcher.java

  • MUCEventListener.java

  • spi/LocalMUCRoom.java

Sorry they arn’t in DIFF form.

You may be able to come up with a better way of implementing it, this is just a basic straight forward implementation, added a private message recieved event and created a trigger for it

Is there an easy way to enable this on an existing server? Or is this in the works for release in an upcoming version?


Aaron, dont push it He’s just a new guy here wiling to contribute. It’s too early to talk about the releases. TehCodez, it would be better to has them in diffs. Though i dont really understand what this patches are for. There is already Audit logs and Monitoring plugin for conversation loggin. So your patches are just another one approach or is it in some way different/special? Anyway, if it’s worth it i think you’ll be contacted by someone and get all the info needed to contribute.


It corrects a bug by which private chats via MUC are not logged.


Is it a bug in the Monitoring plugin or in the in-built auditing module? If this is a patch for a bug, then we can file it in JIRA, once it is in the patch format. Also, is this patch big enough for a contribution agreement signing?

I would call it a bug in the Monitoring plugin. I have attached an auditing log from our test server and a screen shot of the monitoring plugin page. The second chat listed was a standard chat window between me and a college.

I don’t mean to rush this and I understand everything needs to be tested/evaluated and approved to move in to a finished product. I was just excited at the possibility of giving HR access to the Monitoring plugin UI.


jive.audit-20090611-000.log (56182 Bytes)

Maybe it is not a bug but just an intended limitation of the Monitoring plugin? Anyway, we need diffs. And also later some of the svn commiters should review these patches and approve them. If there is a need for this patcher to sign an agreement, here’s the link http://www.igniterealtime.org/ignite_contributor_agreement.pdf

It’s more lacking functionality than a bug, the API to the MUC is missing private messages and therefor the monitoring plugin can’t log private messages. I hope this isn’t intended functionality, that defeats the purpose of logging messages if there is a loophole around it.

This patches the API for the core MUC implementation and adds the API functionality to the clearspace code and monitoring plugin.

I will try and get a diff / patch up for you guys, if you could provide assistance on how exactly I would do connect to your SVN to make the diff / patch I would appreciate it.

Here you can find SVN access url http://www.igniterealtime.org/downloads/source.jsp

Alright, I have created a .patch file, if someone could review / submit it that would be great.
MucPrivateMessages.patch (4693 Bytes)

Well, i can only file it in JIRA OF-18 . Hope some developer will review it and approve.

Well, i have tried this. If i use original monitoring plugin, then i see only public messages in the list of the conversations (left pane) and then i can see the content of chat (right pane). But if i compile modified plugin, then it shows private conversation in left pane, but the right pane stays blank all the time.

I’m not sure what panes you are talking about?


The right pane was showing actual content of the chats with the original plugin, but it wasnt showing private chats on the left at all. Now, with the modified plugin i can see priavate chat (first on the screenshot) on the left, but it doesnt show anything on the right.

hmm that is odd, the monitoring plugin is coded to process them as regular messages, i don’t know how the web interface is pulling / displaying them tho, i didn’t make any modifications to that (didn’t think i’d need to) as we use our own system for pulling archives :\

are you able to see the logs from group chats and regular chats? just not private messages?

are you able to see the logs from group chats and regular chats? just not private messages?

I cant see any messages.


Does your warn.log show DWR load failures? If so, this is the issue I was describing yesterday in the chatroom.


actually, it’s strange that you are not seeing anything in your logs, I am not able to duplicate the issue as our logs are showing up fine through the admin console. Perhaps there is something else going on with your setup.

No. My logs are all empty (error, warn), though it’s strange. I’ve never seen empty Openfire logs

Well. This is my test server. I have first compiled the latest SVN version (with NetBeans - Clean and Build). And then tried with the official Monitoring plugin and it wasnt showing private chats on the left. Then i ran plugins target and they all have been compiled into my plugins dir. Maybe some other plugin is causing that. Or maybe this is that dwr problem, but Openfire is not writing it to logs.

Hmm, I haven’t tried it in conjunction with the latest SVN code, we are running it with the latest release (3.6.4) and it is functioning fine for us. Perhaps something else changed that broke it?

It’s odd that your server isn’t writing any logs either