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MUC Problem: Multiple copies of the same message sent to participants

Hi guys,

sorry the description of the issue will be a bit fuzzy, but I’'d like to know if any of you out there has experienced this problem.

I’'ve built an app which basically a MUC, with a few packet extensions and custom IQs for my business logic. Sometimes, the messages sent by the participants in the MUC are forwared by the server multiple times, and also displayed.

It seems that the server sends as many copies of the same msg as the number of the participants. But I’'m not so sure about this.

Did any of you run into this as well? Advices? Missed something?



If you could open up the smack debugger and post the packets that are being repeated in the raw recieved packets and also anything in the raw sent packets. This would help to diagnose the possible origin of the issue.


Ok, thx

I will do that as soon as the problem shows up again.

However, you will only see that’'s is the same XML, except for the packet ID which is increased by 1.