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MUC Room creation default properties

Hi, does anyone know if there are a chance to modify the default values for the MUC rooms created from users. Basically what I need is to allow to any room created by users to invite another users. Since that is the only property I need to change and I will create lot’‘s of rooms everyday, I don’'t see viable to make all the process of sending and receiving the whole modification form.



Hola Luis,

The feature you are requesting is queued for a future release (JM-79). Meanwhile, I can think of two different solutions that you can apply.

First solution: Since creating rooms is going to be a common task you may want to use Smack to create an application that creates the rooms for you. Using Smack it should be very easy to create and configure rooms the way you need them.

Second solution: Create a Wildfire plugin that provides a PacketInterceptor. The new interceptor can intercept room creation requests or room configuration requests to configure the room the way you need to.

Avisame si tenes mas dudas.


– Gato