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MUC - Room History + Custom Payloads

Hi all,

I’m working on an xmpp bot user which connects to MUC rooms on the Openfire server and then sends chat room messages that contains custom xml data within the message. An example of what users would receive would be something like this:


<data xmlns=“http://www.somewebsite.com/research/xmpp/datamessage

     x="633881067415404258" y="5.0" description="VOLUME" url=""/>

When a user joins the MUC room and ask for history they obtain the above messages without any problems. The issue arises when the server is stopped and restarted. Upon doing that, if a user requests room history then they will only receive messages which did not have any custom xml elements within the message stanza. Does anyone know why this happening?



Openfire persists its MUC history to a database, within which only the plain text payload is stored, no XML. Actually storing the xml stanzas would be nice for a number of reasons, including the storing on xhtml .

So unfortunately, there are no options unless you wish to write a patch for Openfire.