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Muc room max users

I want to set a MUC room 's muc#roomconfig_maxusers to 10000,but i find the Form 's FormField options value are [5,10,…100,200],

when i setAnswer(muc#roomconfig_maxusers, Arrays.asList(“10000”)), it is no use ,why?

or How to config FormField options like [5,10…200,10000]?

help ~~

Is the 10,000 value important? Why not just set it to 0 ?

hi, you can use haking skills to hack your backend. It is helpful

yeah~the value I set must be big enough, when i set to 0, muc response “bad request (400)”,


thanks, the issue has been resolved.

whether the smack-jar I used different to yours?

qianmz, what was the resolution? We might be running into a similar issue. thanks

config file conf/ejabbered.conf

modify mod_muc option, set Number big enough.

{max_users, Number}
This option defines at the service level, the maximum number of users allowed per room. It can be lowered in each room configuration but cannot be increased in individual room configuration. The default value is 200.

Thanks, did this work setAnswer(muc#roomconfig_maxusers, Arrays.asList(“10000”)) in smack after you increased the default value? We’re setting it to 60 and its not being honored.

Let me know