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MUC service sends disturbing "service" messages


I am implementing a MUC client with Openfire.

I noticed, that Openfire’s MUC service sends message like:

This room is locked from entry until configuration is confirmed.

This room is now unlocked.


This room is not anonymous.

These messages are more annoying and confusing, rather than helpful. Especially if the client is set for another locale. There’s also nothing to configure for the end user, since a default configuration is used.

I studied XEP-0045 and couldn’t find anything there, which says, that such messages should be sent.

Instead only status codes should be send in presence extensions.

Can I switch these message off in Openfire?

Or any other comments about this behavior? Can I file a bug for this issue?

probably would be done at the smack layer, not in OF itself…

No, it’s Openfire. I get these messages in other clients. If it is not in XEP-0045, then probably it can be removed. I think those messages were there from the very beginning (while developed by JiveSoftware) and probably they were put in there to inform users in some scenarios (when there wasn’t default settings option in Openfire maybe). Last one shows up if you set Showing real JIDs to Anyone. It sounds disturbing, but maybe it just can be changed to something like “All users can view real JIDs of the participants”?

I’d rather remove them completely. The wording is not the real issue.

It’s more that

a) They are not specified by XEP-0045.

b) They are in english. Our client allows to switch the locale at runtime, so the end user at least expects that these messages are localized.

If a client is interested to inform end-users about such states, a client developer could use status codes as described in XEP-0045.

If nobody has reservations against, I am tempted to file a bug in the issue tracker.

I’m ok with that (filing a ticket)