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MUC stopping to respond after sending IQ

Am having a problem i cant understand:

  1. I have plugin for handling my IQs (it extends IQHandler to process packets of my namespace).

  2. Have custom IQ packetsfor the above.

  3. I have provider registered on my client side for handling the IQ packets

Now MUC works perfectly, until i send an IQ packet. Then all MUC events block (completely stop responding) no matter what i do.

For example, i wouldnt be able to receive MUC messages any longer. But other clients logged into the MUC room will get messages, of course, until they send any of IQ messages? Unfortunately this is stalling my project, since it heavily relies on both MUC and IQ packets. Where could i be going wrong?

This if the general flow:

  1. Initialize provider framework by registering it with ProviderManager

  2. Create XmppConnection instanste

  3. Connect

  4. Login

5 add PacketListener

  1. create MultiUserChat

  2. Join Room

  3. Add message listerner to MultiUserChat

  4. Send few messages (this is OK, no problem here)

  5. Send IQ ( Now this goes through well, i even get replies from the plugin perfectly. BUT, the muc in 8 stops responding. Even the packet listener.


Ah! found out the problem: something wrong with the way i was handling raw xml in provider. But still i did away with directly implementing IQProvider. Followed code used in Time packet in smackx