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hi people,

i am trying to use the smack api to implement muc using wildfire server. the client am using is gaim. the problem is there is no chatroom window opening for the user(user1) who is creating the chatroom and hence is unable to join the chat… whereas the users invited by user1 have their own chat room window opening and are able to chat without any issues… please help…

Hi Shanu,

what do you want to do with Smack? Do you want to use it to create conference rooms as a special user and then send invitations to registered users?



i created a MUC room and invited x and y. chat room windows open for x and y and they are able to chat. but no chat room window opens for me. the code is as follows:

MultiUserChat muc = new MultiUserChat(con,“myRoom@conference.servername”);


muc.sendConfigurationForm(new Form(Form.TYPE_SUBMIT));


muc.addInvitationRejectionListener(new InvitationRejectionListener() {

public void invitationDeclined(String invitee, String reason) {}});

muc.invite(“x@ip/Gaim”, “Meet me in this excellent room”);

muc.invite(“y@ip/Gaim”, “Meet me in this excellent room”);


am i missing something? please help…

I’‘m not sure I completely follow what you mean but I’'ll have a guess.

My first thought was you were using Gaim as a client but Gaim wasnt opening up a MUC window for you when yu tried to join a MUC chat. If this is the case then you’'ll need to speak to the people who wrote Gaim!

My second thought was that you were writing a client and your client wasnt opening up a MUC room. If this is the case then you’‘ll need to write this. Smack wont do it for you. Smack handles the background stuff but you’'ll need to write the presentation code.




ya, i am trying to develop a client using smack… could u help me in someway to make creation of MUC room possible using my client without the aid of gaim??

Gaim is just another XMPP client that supports MUC functionality, it wont help you write your client other than providing tips on how to structure the user interface (unless its open source and you can take a look at the code)

If your using Smack to create your client, you’‘ll be using Java. Take a look at the Java api for swing to get an idea on how to create GUI’‘s. If you get stuck post back and I’'ll try and help


Hi Shanu,

your code does already create a MUC.

As Jon said it is just an XMPP API, so there are no GUI functions included. That’'s all on you if you really want to write your own client.



i do wanna write my own xmpp client, but as of now wanna use the chat room provided by Gaim itself rather than creating my ownchat room using java swings, since i have a presentation soon… is it possible to do so?? if yes, where am i going wrong in my code since only the user who invites others to join the room doesn have a chat room window opening for him… all the other invitees have a chat room window opening for them and are able to chat among themselves…

I think you are getting slightly confused by what Smack is used for.

If you just wanna hold Group Chats using Gaim then there is no need to do anything at all with smack.

Not having used Gaim, I’'m unsure of its full functionality but if its giving you problems just pick another client to use.

How about http://www.jivesoftware.org/downloads.jsp#spark which I hear is quite good or

http://www.pandion.be which is another nice client, both of these fully support MUC functionality.

hth but if you need any further help post back