mucConversationLog sender field innacurate?

I’‘m writing a web-based conversation log viewer that attempts to correlate chatters with an external user database based on username. The problem is that the sender field of mucConversationLog stores the room’‘s JID (e.g. instead of the chatter’'s fully qualified JID (e.g. While the nickname field is accurate, that is not going to work for my application because it may vary between sessions, meaning that my application might lose track of the identity of the poster over time.

Has anybody else experienced this? I’‘ve noted the same problem in a XIFF-based Flash client (2.0.0-beta4) and in iChat (3.1.4) against Wildfire 2.6.2, and all chat behaviors are fine during the chat session – the users receive verification of room presence from wildfire as non-member participants and are able to send and receive messages to/from one another. I suspect a quick look at the mucConversationLog table of any running wildfire instance would verify whether I’'m barking up the right tree here. I want to make sure this is really a bug before I start hacking on MUCRoomImpl.



Dug into the wildfire code… just a small bug confusing getTo() for getFrom() in 3 places – it was essentially logging the recipient instead of the sender, which is in this case the whole room. This appears to still be broken on the trunk. I’'ll post a patch to the dev forum.

thx for listening,