MUCRoom kicked presence sent twice

I have a report that when the moderator of a chat room kicks an occupant everyone

receives that occupants’s unavailable presence twice:

Here is a snippet of pidgin debug logs:

(11:30:39) jabber: Recv (ssl)(455): 1for fun

(11:30:40) jabber: Recv (ssl)(455): 1for fun

In the above freeuser2 was kicked out by the moderator.

If I kick an occupant using the admin console then I get just once presence stanza.

I see that the fix for OF-465 means that MUCRoom.kickOccupant now does a broadcastPresence(updatedPresence) to let everyone in the room know about the

kicked occupant. But IQAdminHandler.handleItemsElement calls MucRoom.kickOccupant and then broadcasts the returned presence.

So the presence is broadcast twice.

I am new to this area so would like insights from others.