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MUCService -- unable to join rooms

Using Openfire 3.9.3 (using the exe installer on Server 2012 R2 and an embedded database) and MUCService plugin 0.2.2, I’ve run into an issue that may be a duplicate of an open bug (see links at the bottom of this message).


If I create a room via the MUCService using this POST URL (see attached message body)…

http://xmpp-my.domain.net:9090/plugins/mucservice/chatrooms?servicename=myservic ename

I am unable to join the room. When I attempt to join the room with Psi I get an error that reads…

Unable to join groupchat.

Reason: Recipient unavailable

The intended recipient is temporarily unavailable

A similar message is returned from Pidgin.

If I create a room while logged into the openfire admin interface in the same service (“myservicename”) while logged in with same account (“adminacct@my.domain.net”), I can join the room without issue.

If I perform this GET operation, the values (other than date and name) of the two rooms are identical:

http://xmpp-my.domain.net:9090/plugins/mucservice/chatrooms?servicename=myservic ename

These threads discussion an issue that is very similar to my observations (though their rooms were created via the xmpp client not the MUCService plugin).

[OF-791] Joining new MUC room results in a 404 error - Jive Software Open Source


sampleRequestBody.xml.zip (552 Bytes)

Please update to MUC Service Plugin version: 0.2.3. That should fix your problem.

Yes it does. Thanks again for the quick turnaround.