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Multi byte character problem


I found that there is a problem sending multi byte characters thru spark and openfire.

I’m using Korean(eg. 스파크 which represents “spark”) and some times it is shown as 스파[][] ([]'s are squares). “스파크” is just an example. Any multi byte character may be broken in random position at random time.

I think it is a problem sending multi byte characters not receiving multi byte characters because I found the proble in multi user chatroom as well and all the participants except the one who sent a message got a same broken multi byte characters at the same time.

I think this is encoding-decoding problem or buffering mechanism problem.

Are there anyone who found and solved this problem?

Thanks in advance

Since I have changed alot of openfire sources, I can not re attatch any jar files to my openfire project.

Attatching diff file would be very appreciated!!!