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Multi-logins per workgroups

Some of our users are connected to different workgroups. In spark under fastpath, you only see to login into one workgroup at a time. Example our tech support do live chat with techinical support and customer service. both are different departments. How can I do this?

I am really looking for a solution that is multi-logins per workgroups or websites. Love the face that spark can be installed on many OS. But we manage many sites and our techs will monitor and manage.

use 1 workgroup but create separate queues and filters to force into those queues and each member of the workgroup can be placed in multiple queues

Queues don’t work like separate workgroups. If anyone is online, chat available is shown but that doesn’t mean you’ll ever be connected to someone depending on your filters.

This is a problem for me since I have a multilingual setup (most agents speak multiple languages) and I can’t just put everyone in one group because of the translated text I have for each language. So at the moment I’m stuck with every agent beenig their own group.

I really hope someone will fix this problem…

I keep getting:
Login Details Incorrect. Please try again.


It seems somone deleted hosdes reply with a link to some site that suposedly had a ticket fo fix this problem…

Copy fastpath.jar and past as fastpath1.jar in same location under spark plugins folder , Then you can get two fastpath Tab were we can able to login to multi workgroup simultanioulsy , But there is some tabs mismatch taking place.

I gave up trying to get fastpath to work the way we’d like it to a couple of years ago.

We actualy droped fastpath all together last year.