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Multi-monitor screenshots

One of the other developers who is helping me test Spark and Openfire recommended a change to SparkTransferManager.java . He recommended looking at GraphicsConfiguration.getBounds() instead of getScreenSize(). Is there a reason why that isn’'t used?

I would be happy to try to get a patch together to enable multi-monitor screenshots, but unfortunately neither of us has a Java dev environment set up at work. I have installed the JDK on my personal laptop, but I can’‘t quite figure out how to build and run Spark to test it. I also couldn’‘t find any build instructions in the documentation (I did find instructions for building plugins, but that didn’'t help me). I may be missing something obvious, but can you point me towards docs for building Spark itself?

I should note that I followed the directions from this page to do a SVN checkout:


multi-monitor screenshots?

how do you mean? works fine for me - i.e. get both screens etc. with current spark…


Really? What version of Spark are you using? Which OS? We are all on Windows XP with Spark 2.5.0, and it only captures a single monitor (which is the expected behavior according to the docs for getScreenSize() ). Every one of the users here with multiple monitors has commented on this issue. This guy also reported the same issue:



Spark 2.5, WinXP, just the usual setup afik…


edit — random thought - wonder if its graphics card related - I use Matrox cards in stretched screen mode. Think this may do something weird and make windows think its one screen, even though its two, hence it reports a true size, regardless of the number of monitors?

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How are your screens set up? Does your taskbar extend all the way across both the first and second monitor? My taskbar is only on the left, I remember having the option to change that at some point but I can’‘t find it now or I’‘d try it. Are you using dual video cards, or a single dual-head card? I have a dual-head card. I’'ll have to check with the other users here tomorrow to see how they are set up.

Edit: Nevermind, I see that you answered most of this already. It sounds like the stretching is likely what causes the difference. Anyone else? Anyone from the Spark team?

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This problem relates to the use of java.awt.Toolkit.getscreensize() which is defined by:

“Gets the size of the screen. On systems with multiple displays, the primary display is used. Multi-screen aware display dimensions are available from GraphicsConfiguration and GraphicsDevice.”

This is located in the SparkTransferManager.java file at line 430.

Can we either ruse the graphicsConfiguration or graphicsDevice function instead. Or have a section in the prefences to select an option to hardcode the screen size. Then instead of the function getscreensize it would use a variable set by the options menu.

I have never coded in java extensivly before but I think i’'m going to jump in and try to work something out. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. downloading from SVN right now

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I have a preliminary patch for this done, but I can’‘t find any way to attach a file here. Can I attach files in the issue tracker? The issue tracker page says "Need to report a bug? All bug reports should be made in the discussion forums. A developer will then create an issue in the bug tracker and schedule it to be fixed in an upcoming release. Please vote for issues you’‘d like to see fixed." In the weekly chat today, I thought Derek said non-team members could create issues. Is that not true? I’‘m not even sure I can attach files to a bug report. I just tried to find an open issue to see if I can attach files, and I don’'t see how I can.

How can I deliver possible patches to you?

I decided this should really go in the “Spark Dev” forum, so I posted there. Sorry about the noise…