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Multi-person chat without a chat room

I couldn’'t find this function in any of the clients I tried but is it possible to have a conversation with between more than two person without using a chatroom (like the invite button in MSN)?

Hey huwnet,

Nope, it’'s not possible to do that. AFAIK, MSN is using a room for each conversation between 2 users so inviting a new user is not a special case.

Anyway, a new enhancement was added to the MUC spec where it is possible to turn a Chat conversation into a MUC conversation. Unfortunately, Messenger does not have support for that yet so my suggestion for now is to use a room for each conversation where more than 2 users may be involved (like MSN does).


– Gato


it can send to multiple contacts at the same time straight out of the box. no plugins or anything. Well it might be a plugin that was added to the distribution.

Not sure it’'s “exactly” like what you are referring but i use it alot.

hey, i have upgraded Mirando to 0.4 version and this option has dissapeared…:frowning: So developers removed this option or i cant find it.

how is everybody diong today