Multi-server, one domain?

Is it at all possible to run two or more Openfire servers for the same domain without the clustering plugin? We’re already using LDAP on the back end, so it’s easy to keep the user lists consistent, but what happens if we point two instances at the same database?

We don’t need clustering in the normal sense, i.e. no failover or load balancing. We just need multiple server instances due to network and security issues, and we’d really like to avoid "" and "". But, we’d still like "" to be able to log on to either of the OF instances and talk to other users even if they are logged into other servers.

The server-to-server howtos describe almost exactly what we need ( but they all use separate domains for the two servers…


Looks like connection manager will work just fine for this case:


Hi Mike,

for DMZ or other security issues a connection manager is indeed very valuable. Anyhow it works as a transparent proxy without caching and one can not install plugins like “Content Filter” there.