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Multi site environment

Hi all,

im a happy Openfire+Spark administrator and the product is working great. Im testing this solution and for now its all ok.

My company has an active directory implementation with one domain in 2 logical site, site A and site B. Site A and site B are connected throught a 2 Mb line very heavily used by Lotus notes replication traffic.

Actual implementation is on site A. Now clients on site B connect directly on the only Openfire server in site A.

My question is: how can i implement a solution with 2 Openfire server one in site A and one in site B, a sort of gerarchy?!??!? The final result must be like this schema:

  • Site A–>OPENFIRE A<-----client on site A

connection between sites

  • Site B–->OPENFIRE B<—client on site B

Many thanks in advance for your opinions.

have a great day