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Multi-User Chat and Random Rosters

we’‘ve implemented multi-user chat in our application and when we have a look to the roster to retrieve the list of connected users it isn’'t accurate. There always are some missing clients so we have to disconnect/reconnect them to eventually have the REAL representative list.

Is there a known issue related to that ?

Realy need help on that, the code use is:

I create a user status listener


And I read the occupant like this:

Iterator i = multichatmanager.getOccupants();

What i’'m doing wrong ?

I had the same problem I think recently when I implemented multi-user chat support. The presence listener and participant status listener only worked the first time i joined a room, but if I left and came back they didn’‘t re-initialize properly. The only way I could get it to work reliably all the time was to do it the way Spark does. In the Spark code you will see that a global packet filter is added to the connection that listens for presence and message packets for conference rooms. This seems to always work for me, but it isn’'t as nice as the MUC listeners.


Thanks man.

Work fine