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Multi User Chat - Room join invitation throws error 406

Hello ,

We are implement MUC chat in one android application using Asmack library .I create one room .I send invitation to another user .

Where vijay sends invitation to rajesh. Using android app.

Asmack (Android) code :

public void joinGroup123() {

try {

// Xmpp Connection object

XMPPConnection connection = XMPPLogic.getInstance().getConnection();

        //Create Multi User Chat object for group/room    "abc@conference.mysite.co"

        MultiUserChat muc = new MultiUserChat(connection,"abc@conference.mysite.co");

        //Invited person rajesh@mysite.co

        muc.invite("rajesh@mysite.co", "Invitation Message");

} catch (Exception e) {


Log.e(TAG, "erro Invite time " + e.toString());



**Invitation Request : **

C2S - RECV (1559343451): Join me for a group chat! testing again

**Server Response : **

C2S - SENT (1559343451): Join me for a group chat! testing again

in server response i get error . i cant understand what this error says. please help .