Multicast / Extended Stanza Addressing

Hi there,

I am having trouble delivering to several servers in a mutlicast fashion. I currently have 3 server running Openfire 3.7. They have no communication problems (i.e. federation works fine between them). Doing a disco I can see that Extended Stanza Addressing is supporting in the 3 of them. But whenever I send any stanza with recipients in the 3 servers, only two servers get the messages delivered:

test, test!


All recipients in test.local (sender’s server) always get the message. All recipients in one of the other servers always get it as well, but on the third server nothing comes in. I’m using the Psi xml console to test this.

Could this be a bug? Or perhaps there is something wrong with my stanza?

Any help would be highly appreciated!

Best regards,



We have the same problem in our setup. Have you found a solution?