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Multiple Admin Users

Is there a way to add multiple admins with access to the web admin console?



Hi Ryan,

Yes, there is. If you look in your wildfire.xml file (located in the conf directory of your Wildfire installation) you’‘ll see an section where you can define multiple admin jids, so you’'ll end up with something like:


Hope that helps,


Thanks guys.

From the xml file -->Comma-delimitted list of bare JIDs.

You replied on the previous with a ryan@example.com. Is it supposed to have the @

Now, it says “alternatively”… does that mean admin no longer has access? Or did

it mean to say “additionally?”

Thanks for a clear up! Yeah, i’'m a little out of touch. Have been too busy .

Hi Michael,

Yes, the “bare” JID in this case includes the domain, but not a resource, such as ryan@example.com/Spark. And you’'re right, it should probably read “additionally” instead of “alternatively” since the admin account (assuming that there is one) will still be allowed to login.

Hope that helps,