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Multiple Admins?

Does anyone know how to add multiple accounts to the admin.authorizedJIDspropery. I’ve tried an entry on each line and entries seperated by a ; and both result in me not being able to login to the admin console after the change is made.


You can manage the admin permission via the user management in the admin console (see attached screenshot). If you want to set the administrators via the admin.authorizedJIDs property then seperate the specified JIDs via commas (e.g. “root@domain.lt,admin@domain.lt”).

The user properties method does nto work for LDAP users. You can still add the users via the system properties in the admin console. It is a comma separated list of JIDs with no spaces (e.x. user1@chatserver.domain.com,user2@chatserver.domain.com).

additionally you can modify the openfire.xml file and add a comma separated list of usernames with in the tag:


This must be done with openfire not running. Once started the new names will migrate to the database.

thanks to both, we’re all set!