Multiple Forest

Can communication be setup between Openfire servers in 2 different Forests. (part of a merger/aquisition).

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It should be possible via server 2 server option. But users will be separated. Openfire doesn’t support multiple domains and it is not planned. In 3.7.0 version s2s option is a bit broken though. OF-443

Just wanted to piggy back on this and say I could really use this. I have users in two forests. My company uses RT and we’re going our authentications and identity sourceing via ldap. I was able to tell RT “Here are some LDAP servers to use along with configs for each server and here is the order to try them in.” That sure was nice.

I’ve been exploring setting up an OpenLDAP server to masquerade as one unified identity source and handle the multiple domains transparently but haven’t had much luck yet. I also found a reference pointing to using ADAM to build a unified front-end to two domains. I’m guessing one of these approaches will work - but so far it has been tough sledding.

I tried to open an issue about this on the project issues page, but the system would only let me create issues for Tinder, which didn’t seem quite right so I came back to this page to document the issue.

No need to create a ticket. It’s already there and closed for now as Won’t Fix. OF-162 (read the last comment). Openfire don’t have enough developers just for simple bug fixes, and multi domain support is too heavy task and probably needs a rewrite of major parts of code.