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Multiple gateway registrations for same user/protocol?

Hi, I use several accounts of each protocol, namely aim and yahoo, and the intention of bringing up an xmpp server was to try to unify this a bit through transport gateways. I have it up and running, but thus far it doesn’t seem as though the im gateway functionality allows more than one protocol per transport, namely each user can only have one aim transport and one yahoo. When I try to create another, it overwrites my existing one vs adding another. Perhaps this is by design, but I’d like to see the ability to login with multiple external aim/yahoo/other accounts per user. Can you verify if this is indeed as expected? Any hope for further enhancement for this?

I did note Kraken seems to be the forward progress of this, if I should be barking up that tree, I will, but otherwise I’m new to the software so still exploring the do’s and don’ts.

Thanks, great software thus far!