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Multiple groups and sharing contacts


It is my first post so HI everybody!

Thank you for really nice XMPP server as a OpenSource! Great job!

Long story-short: we are currently alpha-testing jabber IM within company. Everything looks good but I’m struggling with basics and I’m afraid it’s show-stop for us.

basically- I’d like to have (or rather must have) setup like that:

  • Main group with all users, with shared contacts - so all new accounts are assigned to that group, everyone sees everyone. Nice!

  • department group with contacts shared within departments (IT, Accounts etc)

  • possibly buddies but I’m, not bother about that.

So every IM in the company should look like this:


[all people here]


[only from dept here]

Now, main group has contact sharing and that’s fine.Department should be only on the list of people who are assigned to that group so no contact sharing necesary…

As web interface to config says:

Contact List (Roster) Sharing

You can use the form below to automatically add this group to users’ contact lists. By default, this group will only appear in the contact lists of the group’s members.. However, you can share this group with all users or members of other groups.

everything should be OK if main group is shared between all users and Department not shared (as people in that group should see each other anyway)

But- if one person is in main gropup and in department which is NOT shared then that person can’t see ANY groups/ contacts?

Any idea how to fix that? Is that something related to the software or rather XMPP specification (looked for that but can’t find anything about group sharing).

Any help much appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

Kind regards


Again me.

After some more testing etc- I can see that group NEEDS to be shared and will be shown only to the users in that group?

Strange. I’ve misunderstood intructions then…




Yup, it is frustrating that this confusing text remains in the interface



Thank you. It is a bug then!