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Multiple identity for one user


Don’‘t know if it’'s Wildfire related only or if there is a JEP regarding this, but is it possible (now? planned? never?) to use aliases/multiple identity for one user?

One of my user want to have a JID for “private use” (with his nickname) and a JID for “professional use” (with his real name), but without having 2 accounts on the server.

Thx for any anwser.


I have a similar problem. I am using Wildfire in an internal system. I have users who work on multiple machines, moving from machine to machine in different departments.

They would like to be able to login with only a single username/pass. The idle status would indicate which machine they had hopped onto at that moment.

What we had used with other systems was a username with the machine name automaticly appended to the end. Jon (comp1), Jon (comp2),etc…

Any thoughts?

I would love to know if there is something very similar to this, but perhaps a tiny bit differnet:

is there a JID forwarder? forwarding service? I would like to know if I can set-up “support” and “sales” and all those type guys to forward to “jim” & “john”.

Peace. Love. Linux.


Hi Jason,

there is the url=http://www.jivesoftware.com/products/fastpath/features.jspFastPath[/url] plugin which does this in a probably much better way.

I’'m not aware of other plugins doing something similar but as the Wifi API is open one could write a plugin to duplicate messages.