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Multiple logins for one user and one protocol

I am just setting up the wildfire server and running tests to see if it will meet my needs…and I love this plug-in! It would be really useful to have this functionality.

One thing I tried, and please tell me if I’‘m re-hashing old news or if there’'s a way around it…I have created me as a user account on my wildfire server, and am adding my various IM accounts to test the gateway. I have more than one AIM account (lots of silly reasons…but still I do). I added one AIM account perfectly. Then I went to add the second. It worked, and the first one was no longer there! Apparently deleted.

Does the plugin allow only one gateway account per user? or only one per user per protocol?

If it will allow this, can anyone suggest what I might have done wrong?

If it does not allow this, I’'d love to see this in an upcoming release


Howdy! The plugin definitely does not support multiple accounts per user at this time. This is something I’‘ve wanted to try to get working for a while but, unfortunately, the logistics of it never work out well. I created an issue for it though, GATE-184. Surprised I hadn’‘t created one already. It’'s not something that will happen soon though. Take a look at the issue (GATE-184) for my more detailed comments. =)

Thank you! I’'ll look forward to it as well.

I know this is easy from a client side (I use Adium and connect to multiple accounts that way). I don’'t know if that tecnique will help get the server bit working…

The problem is that the spec doesn’'t consider those situations, and so you have to find some workaround for it.