Multiple Logins( same client,same user) bug

I have discovered a small bug, maybe rather just an annoyance that SHOULD be corrected if not too difficult… I am running openfire server 3.2.4 in this scenario. all spark clients 2.5.2… When “ted miller” logs into his account on machine 1, he is ok, he travels to another building for a bit, leaving his machine 1 spark logged in… He turns on machine 2, goes to log into spark and it says Invalid username or password… Now on the server I have the “resource policy” set to “Always kick - If there is a resource conflict,immediately kick the other resource”… Which as soon as he tries to log into machine 2 it DOES immediately close the spark connection on machine 1, BUT the message he receives on machine 2 IS VERY deceiving… It says “Invalid usermame or password”… It should NOT say “invalid username or password” …this has confused countless numbers of people in my district… When they see that type of error message they have been “programmed in their head” NOT to keep trying… If you have ever been in education environment you would understand… They are terrified to “LOCK OUT” their accont… Which is what happens with their email and their domain account if they try too many times to log in incorrectly… Even though it would not ever lock out their openfire account, you cannot explain that to everybody…So naturally they are terrified when they see that type of message… They just end up closing spark, sending me a help desk request, and remain in fear of trying it again… SO with that said I think it would be a GREAT idea to change the message for that action to something like “Your account is previously in use on another computer, and has been closed, please re-login” I know that sounds like hell, but you get the idea of what I mean… Some sort of message letting them know actually what is happening, TELLING them to TRY AGAIN, now that the other connection is closed. Not run them off with the invalid blah blah blah…

update: if you then connect from client 2 after the invalid username massage, and try to go back to client 1 sitting at the reconnect screen, it WILL let you reconnect it seems, but you have an empty roster and you cannot get any messages or send any, even though it appears you are online…

Thanks for your understanding!



I did create JM-1067 to track this issue. It’'s really confusing to get an “invalid username or password” message.