Multiple logins with spark

Hi, I want to have two identities on spark. It wouldnt be bad if i could run spark twice, but spark wont let me run it twice.

Has someone been able to do this or is there another client like spark that allows multiple logins? I like spark for the Fastpath service, but our fastpath users dont necessary need 2 identities. it is the other users that typically do.

I want two identities because I want to identify department person to the outside world (i.e. “Accounts Payable”) and then have another identity with their real name. This way as employees come and go, the outside world people know “i just got to IM their accounts payable person”, but internally people like to use the internal ID.

So we could have solved this by creating 2 identities and running 2 instance of spark, (but again, spark wont allow multiple instance). Or is there another client? Or is there a better way to do this?
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You can run another copy of Spark via Run as… with some other Windows user’s credentials. Also you can copy Spark.exe to Spark2.exe and run second copy this way. Or you can try using Kraken plugin and then enable XMPP transport and point it to your server. Then in Spark you should see XMPP icon in the toolbar and should be able to login with your server’s account.