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Multiple logins with the same user


I am currently evaluating OpenFire and Spark as our IM. Our users often have the requirement of logging in with the same user ID on multiple machines, for example a work desktop, laptop and home desktop.

When a message is sent to a user that is logged in at multiple locations, we would like all messages to be delivered to all locations. If any locations are offline when a message is sent, the message should be delivered to each location as it comes online. In this manner, every location is always kept up to date with the entire conversation history.

I am aware that it is possible to login multiple times with the same userid and a different resource ID. In my simple testing, messages were not delivered to all logged in resources reliably.

I have tried setting route.all-resources to true on the server. From what I can tell this does work for sending messages to all online resources, however it won’t deliver messages later on to resources that were offline at the time.

In other words, the requirement is for all resources to always be kept up to date with all conversations conducted (both sent and received messages) from any other resource of the same login.

Is this scenario supported with Spark and OpenFire?

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Hi Alan,

this is not supported. The number of JID resources is nearly unlimited and it would mean that Openfire stores all messages and logs the resources which did receive a message.

What you want sounds a lot like pubsub, there one can register to a topic and Openfire will store messages for known offline subscribers. Anyhow pubsub is not really meant for chat and not implemented in Spark so far.


Thanks for the info!