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Multiple OU's in Active Directory


I am currently trying to setup Openfire with LDAP authentification.

All the settings I have work fine but I want to add serveral OU’s

The baseDN is set with OU=“system administrator”, OU=“organisation”, DC=“domain”, DC=“internal”

but I want it to access **OU=“teachers”, OU=“organisation”, DC=“domain”, DC=“internal” **as well.

Does anyone know if this is possible?

Personally I would use a more relaxed baseDN of OU=“organisation”, DC=“domain”, DC=“internal”

Then use user level filters to restrict who has access.

oh ok. thanks,

Do I restrict users in the admin console or do this during the setup process?

The setup process gives you the first opportunity to do this. You can always change your user filter from the admin console, post setup. As Todd stated, the user filter permits program access - only users returned in that filter will have the ability to login. That being said, be careful with your filter changes so you don’t inadvertently remove your own access… It won’t be the end of the world if you do but it will be obnoxious. I apologize if I’m only stating the obvious.