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Multiple request authorizations when PyICQt is enabled


I installed Openfire with its own plugin-transport and all was ok. Then i installed PyICQt and there were more and more authorization requests to my ICQ account from every people who already has been authorized. I tried PyICQt with ejabberd - the same situation. How can i turn off these authorizations? I didn’'t see them in Openfire with plugin. Suggestions?

I use: Windows XP SP2 Eng Pro, Openfire 3.3.1, pyICQt 0.8a, Miranda 0.7 aplha 31.

You can’‘t, that’‘s inherent in the way gateways work. The gateway plugin doesn’'t have this limitation, since it has direct access to the roster.

Another solution is to use a client that can auto-accept authorization requests (while registering the account at least), like Adium 1.2.

But when i click “Accept authorization” in Miranda - contacts don’'t appear in my list! I mean in groups as online contacts. I tried to restart Miranda but there were neither requests nor online users.

What happens? Who’'s guilty?