Multiple resources for contacts

Ho guys!

In our company we use Openfire as a communication server, mostly for chatting and sending files. The clients we use are Pidgin and WTW (popular Polish messanger). The problem is that after couple of days, we can see multiple resources for our contacts. This is problematic when some user want to send file to the other, for example. This is not Pidgin issue, because the behavior is similar when we use the second client. After restart of Openfire, this issue disappears.

I’m not sure, if this is feature or bug, so I probably need some explanation from developers. How can I get rid of this?


Users in our environment are authenticated through Active Directory.

This sounds like [OF-829] Ghost sessions left on a server when using Pidgin client - Jive Software Open Source

Yes, this looks similar. OK, so we will wait for the bugfix release. Thanks!