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Multiple Roster Groups


Hope all are well. Quick question, is it possible to have the same contact apepar in multiple roster groups?

If so, how is this done. I was trying to create a new item in the Openfire admin console under a user roster list, however if an item of the same name already exists it simply updates the group instead of creating a new roster entry with differnt group.

Any help appreciated.



I believe you can add same contact to few separate groups via Groups menu. Why do you want to do this via roster management?

I have Openfire configured to use LDAP, and now it seems groups are read only and I can not create them via Openfire. I want to do it via the roster as the roster can be easily manipulated and changed via IM clients and Smack library, Im not sure if same can be said for Groups. Also I am experimenting with a college wide roll out where students and lecturers may be enrolled to multiple courses, so I was hoping a course could be represeneted by a roster group and that a contact could appear under more than one group.