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Multiple Servers, One Database?


I am reading through the database schema for OpenFire and I’m trying to figure something out: can an OpenFire database work with multiple OpenFire servers? Or is the relationship between an OpenFire database and a server 1-to-1? For example, when I install OpenFire and set the URL for the database, does that URL have to be unique? Or can I use that same database for multiple server installations?

I am using the publicly available version of OpenFire, not the Enterprise addition.


Hey Trent,

If your Openfire servers are hosting different domains then each one should point to a different database. You can still use the same OR DBMS to host all your databases. On the other hand, if you are trying to have several Openfires hosting the same domain then you will need to use Clustering which is available in Openfire Enterprise 3.4.0 (to be released this month). When you are using clustering all your Openfire servers will point to the same database.


– Gato