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Multiple session for same nick in muc

http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0045.html spec talks about allowing multiple session with the same nick for similar bare JID

“However, if the bare JID localpart@domain.tld of the present occupant matches the bare JID of the user seeking to enter the room, then the service SHOULD allow entry to the user, so that the user has two (or more) in-room “sessions” with the same roomnick, one for each resource. If a service allows more than one occupant with the same bare JID and the same room nickname, it SHOULD route in-room messages to all of the user’s resources and allow all of the user’s resources to send messages to the room; it is up to the implementation to determine how to appropriately handle presence from the user’s resources and how to route private messages to all or only one resource (based on presence priority or some other algorithm).”

However, it seems that openfire automatically kicks one of the session when another session comes in. Is there a way to configure the server to prevent that from happening?

This would allow for instance to have a user and a bot representing the user to be both present in a room.

This feature isn’t implemented yet. See JM-1479.