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Multple names for the same user in the same group

Hello, all!


I’m having a problem with Spark. Some username show up twice or three times in the user list in spark.

See attached. Notice user Gypsy M and Galyna M - showing up 3 times. User Mike G. showing up twice - once as idle and once as active.

The problem only appeared recently - about a week ago.

And it only shows up in Customer Service group.

No updates or systems chages were done within the last few weeks.



Windows 2k3 64

Openfire 3.6.2

Spark 2.5.8 on Windows XP

Active Driectory for user db.

Steps taken so far:

Rebooted everything: win server, openfire server, spak clients, client computers, and the whole system a couple of times already.

Made sure every user is logged in only once on only one computer.

Made sure there are no duplicates in Active Dirctory.

Made sure duplciates are not seen in OpenFire roster through admin panel.

Also see attached screenshot for pidgin - it doesn’t show dupplicatesl, which leads me to assume it’s strictly spark related and not openfire related

Any suggestions or advice will be appriciated.

Delete your spark preferences for your user profile. %userprofile%\Spark