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Mustang javax.xml.stream


Will Smack library migrate to Java StaX interfaces?

(Those included into the upcoming J2SE 6 release.)


Let me explain.

I use Smack to tunnel my data over XMPP.

I have some mysterious bugs in XPP (one NPE which was listed in XPP bugzilla a year ago, still unfixed, and some mysterious connection resets while talking to jabberd2s10).

I want to have an option of using other parsers/serializers, thus I think Mustang StaX is something adequate (considering that the interfaces are very common to XPP’'s).

BTW. Do you know of any Java libraries that perform non-blocking XML parsing? (java.nio select/poll)

XPP and StaX aren’‘t so similar such that we could plug in one and then the other. We could switch to StaX without too much effort, but the StaX implementations are much bigger than XPP, which would balloon the size of Smack. We’‘ll probably need to do it anyway at some point, though. We’'ve been finding some bugs in XPP as well, such as problems parsing XHTML.