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Mutiple Domains on a Linux Box

This may seem obvious but I’'m just trying to make sure…

I have a fellow jabber enthusiast that I’'m trying to convert to Jive Messenger.

Presently he hosts 2 Jabberd2 servers one for the canadian office and one for the american.

In order to convert we would need to host these 2 domains on a single linux box here at the canadian HQ.

Looking at the JM2 Admin Console the server seems to bind to the IP resolved by the DNS lookup of the JM server name.

If this is the case, can I run 2 instances of JM on a Linux box with 2 IPs DNS’'ed as jabber.corporatedomain.com and jabber.coporatedomain.ca and not have conflicts?

Thanks for any feedback.


I cant belive that no one had an opinion on this… I thought that multiple domains was something people were wanting from Messenger?



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