My new project with OpenFire & Ofmeet

I’ve been gone awhile working on a new project involving Ofmeet & Openfire within eXo Platform. Cool Platform with great Ofmeet integration.

Video below:


Very impressive stuff. Many thanks Jay for sharing this

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Wow, I was thinking about something like this. What I would like to do is to allow users to chat from exo platform to openfire users. Or to be more precise to use accounts of user from openfire in exo platform so users could communicate each other either from exo web or from Jabber clients. Is something like this possible to setup?

That’s great.

Well, any documentation so far ???

Excited to implement the same.

Probably a couple different ways. At a base level in OpenFire I’d create the rooms and require a single password. On a higher level require server/user auth.

And have you by any chance tried it? I know that in 3.5 there was openfire server directly integrated in EXO to handle chat so I think it could be somehow possible, but I have no idea where to start…

This is my private project and hobby. Probably won’t do any documentation on this project.