My Nickname in Jabber


In jabber, we use the LDAP integration to retrieve the nickname of a user.

So, if I display my roster, I display the nickame and a JID. But in a MUC or simply for a chat, I only see the JID and if the JID=id@server, I see only the value id for the person I discuss with.

Is it possible to display the nickame (LDAP nickname) during a MUC and a chat ?

Have we to change something in the jive server ?

In fact for all the presence message, I don’'t see the nickname

Which client are you using?


I use Pandion, but I think I can change what I want, perhaps it is a login issue, because when I connect to jive I just put the JID and not connected as Nickname or (via LDAP automatically).

In fact I don’'t see in Jive a table with this property

jid or id --> nickname

of course I see id | rosterid1@server nickname1

id | rosterid2@server nickname2

I can’'t put a nickname for me, so perhaps it is the problem with chat and groupchat no nickname is transported ?

I think i understand what you are asking now. And the answer is that unless the client supports some special functionality there is no way in XMPP, the protocol that Pandion and Messenger use to communicate for you to be notified of what your nickname is. Are other users nicknames displaying correctly?


Is it normal ? There is no problem to have the LDAP nickname for all the users in my Roster but I can’'t have my LDAP nickname ?, just my id (uid). And in the presence message no nickname, just the jid …

Hey mlainne,

It seems to me that this is a client issue rather than a server issue. The clients that you are using are showing the node of the user’‘s JID (e.g. id) or just the user’'s JID instead of using the name of the contact that you have in your roster. If that is the case then you may want to contact the client developers to include your enhancement request.


– Gato

This is in fact normal. You should appear as your LDAP nickname to other users though. This is a shortcoming of XMPP and not of Messenger unless anyone knows of a jabber protocol to retrieve ones own nickname that client developers could take advantage of?


To dombiak_gaston : My name appears correctly in the roster of the other persons, but I speak about my nickname, I have just my JID.

And for example I create a conference and I had several persons that are in my roster but these persons haven’‘t me in their roster, they can’'t see my nickname just my JID… Perhaps can I developp a plugin to cacth all the presence message to add the nickname off all jids ?