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My Spark hangs all the time

Most the time it stucks when some user perform a mass mailing, but sometimes it happens without any visible reasons.

Please check the log to find what causes this.
Log.txt.zip (4013 Bytes)

What version of Spark and what Java are you using? There are errors about using unsupported Java in the log. Other than that i don’t see anything else related to the hanging.

I don’t have java installed on my pc, there is a folder in a spark folder .install4j and jre folder with Java Platform SE 8(8.0.920.14). Spark version is 2.7.7. I had 2.6.3 previously and it hanged in the same way, I thought new version would fix this…

It could be something corrupted in your profile.

You can wipe you Spark profile and start with a fresh one. Spark profile is here


If you need your history, copy this folder:


And copy it back after you start with a fresh profile.

I’ve found what was the problem. A date in *_current.xml file was corrupted and opening a conversation with that contact made Spark to stuck. Look at the included files.
vetrova@komiac_current.xml.zip (348 Bytes)
vetrova@komiac_current.xml.zip (348 Bytes)
vetrova@komiac.xml.zip (319 Bytes)

Yeah, that one of the possible causes too. 2.6.3 had a bug corrupting dates in xmls. This shouldn’t happen with 2.7.x. Of course, the files which were already corrupted will cause problems with any version.

Well, I think this wouldn’t happen if Spark knowing about such case were verifying dates in xml and trying not to hang while reading them))