MySpace IM Support in IM Gateway Plugin

Has anyone discussed possible support for MySpace IM in the IM Gateway Plugin?

Just an idea, I know several users that would find it handy

I too was wondering about this. Are there any plans to add MySpace?

This would probably be best asked in the IM Gateway forum. That said, as far as I know there’s no java API for MyspaceIM out there, and so, no. =) I won’t name any names, but there’s a possibility that one person is going to be writing a java API for it, and maybe the transport itself.

I have started porting the myspace im api from libpurple into java but I am hitting a road block. If there are others who are working on this please contact me.

That is very cool! Do you have a project site set up somewhere? (I recommend sourceforge in general if not) Or I imagine we could set you up some space here if you needed a place to put it.

Anyway, clearly I’m not working on that, but just wanted to express my interest. When you get it to a good point please let me know and I’ll investigate an IM Gateway transport for it. (or even a “it mostly works” point, certainly doesn’t -have- to be complete for it to become an experimental transport) BTW, depending on what road block you are running into, i -might- be able to help with a suggestion.

Hi All,

I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes but I’ve been chipping away at a Java API for MySpaceIM in my (somewhat limited) spare time as well. The API is in a constant state of flux and is a long way from being production ready but it does give you the ability to log in and send/receive messages. Next up is to get contact (roster/buddy) support implemented. The plan is to make this a standalone API that could then be used as part of the gateway plugin.



You and schandra should definitely talk then. =) heheheheh

Hi Ryan,

Would love to collaborate on this.