Myspace Integration into IMGateway

Hi guys,

I am working on a myspaceim api port from libpurple into java. I have been able to understand the myspaceim protocol but have not been able to create the response part to the login sequence correctly hence I am not able to authenticate.

I guess I am stuck on the very first hurdle. Is there anybody working on this. I would love to collaborate work on this.


Are you not understanding what libpurple is doing to convert it to java? Or is it a limitation of java that you are running into? Or? =) As I said in other threads, I don’t know of anyone else working on this, but hopefully they’ll pipe up if they are. =D

I think I was able to understand what libpurple was doing. During the login sequence there is a Base 64 string “response” that needs to be sent back in order to authenticate. It uses an RC4 Cipher encryption with the challenge obtained when you connect to the myspaceim server.

The “response” sring is the one that is giving me the problem. I think I calculated it correctly but it keeps giving me a “The password provided is incorrect.” error. I might be calculating the response incorrectly.

I guess there are multiple points of failure.

  1. Wrong RC4Cipher code.

  2. Bit manipulation.

So any help would be awesome